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Underwoodsman - Baskets (made to order), Continuous Weave Fencing and Border Edging, Hurdles and Gates, Living Willow Structures for schools and gardens, Pea Sticks and Bean Poles (seasonal), also Playdens, Summerhouses and Rose Arches A full range of courses is held at the Green Wood Workshop at Bore Place on the Sussex/Kent/Surrey border nr Sevenoaks, including: basketry hurdle-making hedgelaying rustic chairs and Windsor chairs hand tools maintenance coppicing and layering, living willow seats and structures, willow garden structures (sweet pea obelisks, sunflower plant supports etc), green woodwork (including pole-lathe turning) Please use this address for correspondence: 4 Mount Pleasant Cottages, [...]

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Rob Stringer

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Rob Stringer provides Hazel hurdles, beanpoles & peasticks, hedgelaying stakes & binders, river faggots. Sweet chestnut post & rail fencing, poles & stakes. Firewood & kindling, barbecue charcoal & fines. Chainsaw milling. Visit him at his website:

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J.E. Homewood

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J. E. Homewood make top quality and long lasting, Homewood Cleft Chestnut Fencing. Perfect  for boundaries, screens and windbreaks This versatile fencing can  also screen compost bins, provide shelter for new hedge planting and even stabilise sand dunes, all the while giving you attractive and durable fencing. This fencing can be customised to your needs and we adhere, as closely as possible to the British Standard BS1722-4:1986. Also available from us, sweet chestnut post and rail fencing and stakes. All using locally coppiced sweet chestnut. Established in 1946 , by Jimmy Homewood, the business  is now run by his son, Steve Homewood. Visit our website at:

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