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Bow making Course – 3 Days – Europe had a long history of making primitive bows.  The earliest remains of bows in western Europe date back over 6000 years. Our ancestors faced the same challenges of working wood to achieve a shooting bow using only hand tools. They were able to fashion excellent hunting bows using flint knives and scrapers. To aid our students we use modern hand tools but the basic skills remain the same. in 3 days you will make a European Self Bow out of an Ash log.



*Bow Design and the history of bow making through the ages.

*learn how to choose and prepare wood

*use simple hand tools to produce a primitive bow from a roughly split stave

*learn to achieve a good tiller

*make Flemish twist laid in string from natural hemp

*make at least one feather fletched self knocked arrow

*learn how to finish the bow to make sure is has a the longest possible life

*learn a little about keeping edged tools fettled

*look at some self and laminated bow designs and materials

Our bow maker will guide you through the rough shaping with an axe;

carving with draw knives, spoke shaves and planes; and finishing with

rasps and scrapers. He will help you to recognise where to remove wood

and advise on how to handle any character in the wood.

The aim is that you will leave with a bow that is strung and shooting.

You will need to do some finishing after you have taken the bow away.


Duration of course 9:30 am Friday until Sunday afternoon.

Max Number of Students 4

Cost £295.00 per person.

The price in includes all meals,snacks materials and use of tools to create your own bow and arrow to keep.

Previous students may wish to produce a bow using laminates.  This can be arranged with prior agreement.


David and Wayne have been making bows and arrows for the past 15 years and between them have crafted hundreds of Bows using traditional and more modern techniques to create beautiful and effective bows.  During our time experimenting with bow making using a huge variety of woods we have experienced success and had the occasional failure.  Each experience has taught us something new giving us a depth of knowledge to ensure our clients have  the best possible experience making their own bow.

wayne longow

Course Dates:


25th – 27th September Location Amberley West Sussex

23rd – 25th October Location Amberley West Sussex

Please follow the website link for more details and to book this course forestknights.co.uk

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