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Introduction to Field Archery – 1 day

Archery has a long and glorious history. There are many different ways to enjoy the traditional skills of the archer.coyoteshop

Forest Knights have introduced many people to the simple pleasures of Field Archery we have had the pleasure of running events and organising competitions for a diverse range of organisations. These have included multinational corporations, schools, universities other bushcraft and survival schools and several leading charities.

Field Archery is practised in woodland shooting over an unknown distance at targets, which may be pictures of animals, or 3D life size targets.


Whilst Field Archery is “simulated bow hunting”, hunting with a Bow and Arrow in the UK is illegal. Forest Knights does not promote hunting with a bow.


Our introductory day will quickly teach you how to safely handle a bow and give you the skills needed to enjoy a days outing in the woods. We have a range of bows to suit your needs so that all ages can experience the rewarding pastime of archery.

Archery is a physical activity and as such a reasonable level of fitness will be needed to participate in a full weekend course. Our courses are designed to give you the skills and experience necessary to join a local field archery club near you and continue to learn to shoot with confidence.

All equipment and insurance will be provided.

By the end of the course you will:

Be able to shoot a bow and arrows safely;

Be able to select and maintain equipment suitable to you;forest knights

Understand the law regarding archery;

Have gained the skills, knowledge and hopefully the desire to continue to learn with a local field archery club.

The Forest Knights Introduction to Field Archery Course gives you the unique opportunity to experience the joy of Archery in a woodland setting whilst learning from our dedicated instructor team.