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Members meeting at Warnham Nature reserve. A talk by Clive Cobie, not to be missed. Clive says:

Dear members,

I guess I am right , in believing that you know that there is a climate emergency. 
It is such an overwhelming concept that one puts it to the back of our minds, we all do what we can, yet it feels like a drip in the ocean. I have lived in the woodland that some of you visited on the solstice ,for twenty years ,in that time I have noticed subtle changes, mostly to do with a lack of certain insects that were abundant, they are at the bottom of the food chain, some of which are more effected by subtle changes in temperature, we all are no doubt aware of the warmer wetter winters, hotter summer’s, yes I know we also remember past hot summers, it’s easy for our minds to distract us into thinking it’s all ok , and often distracts us with delusional thinking taking us  away from the present.
Thousands of scientists are telling of the issues effecting our climate, some are predictable, others like feedback loop ie polar ice melting releasing methane, one of the worst greenhouse gases, pollution ,ie soot dust settles on snow / ice absorbing more heat, I won’t go into details, if you don’t realise how important the issue is look on the web.
I come back to us as individuals, it is so overwhelming, we all love nature, we all have people we love ,most have children, grandchildren , yet for us to make a difference what can we do, individually- not a lot !
Yet as a group we can do phenomenal things, every one of us has so much potential, to use the analogy of the flame in the lantern, if the glass is sooty the light won’t shine, we all have a light burning within us ,every one’s light is equal.
When a group of people join in a common cause inspiration starts to flow ,egos settle down ,every one becomes more appreciative of what other members say , the lanterns glass becomes clearer.
We as a group are in a unique situation , we are a united group of people that have an established name.
One of modern human failings is the loss of independence, which probably started with the enclosures act !
Another is the loss of community.
When these two things are missing we become separated, We find it difficult to realise our life purpose. Do any of us have a life purpose? Or is it the same old thing , searching desperately for that buzz of inspiration where time ceases to exist.
We are a community, we have the ability to help create abundant communities.
I want to talk with you all at the next meeting about how we can make this happen.
I look forward to seeing you all there. All the best Clive.