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Beanpole week, a national event has now been canceled so as not to encourage anyone to break the government’s advice on COVID-19. Please be advised that you must not put yourself or anyone else at risk to participate in this event, it will be reinstated at a later date.

(The following information was taken from the “Cleft Stick” and beanpoles.org.uk website)

Coppice workers are getting ready for National Beanpole Week 2020 , which is taking place between 11 – 19  April 2020

The campaign celebrates and promotes the importance of our ancient coppiced woodlands and encourages gardeners to get behind the campaign and use the humble British Beanpole.

National Beanpole Week 2019 will celebrate Britain’s coppiced woodlands, the animals and plants that live in them, the coppice workers who look after them and the beanpoles and other coppice wood products they produce.

The campaign will be promoted nationally and has found support from Gardening celebrities and the national press. NCFed will encourage the nations gardeners to support their local coppice workers and we must try and make access to local suppliers as simple as possible.

“Beanpoles are useful. Beanpoles are beautiful. Beanpoles are completely sustainable. What is more every beanpole we use in our gardens contributes to the conservation of the rich but fragile coppice ecosystem. “- Monty Don 

“It really makes good sense to use more British coppice wood products in the garden, so I’m adding my voice to the call for gardeners and growers to switch to locally-grown coppiced beanpoles and pea sticks” – Bob Flowerdew

“When you choose British grown coppiced beanpoles, you make the right choice for our native woodlands, local jobs, wildlife and the environment. You also make the right choice for your garden because coppiced beanpoles and pea sticks are so easy and pleasurable to work with and provide plants with the grip and support they need.” – Toby Buckland

To take part in the campaign and to be listed as a supplier or if you’re hosting an event please contact Richard Thomason – richardthomason@smallwoods.org.uk.

More information on how to get involved will be distributed over the next few months.

For more information visit Beanpoles.org.uk 

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