Events – Some of the Events shown on our site are for Members only, denoted by (MO) on the event title, others are shows that the group is attending where we demonstrate skills and sell our end products and courses as well as give information about our group, these are denoted with (SSCG). We welcome new members and at some events, like our members meetings, you can attend if you first get in contact, (use the contact page HERE), denoted by (P), see the individual events for more information.

West’s Wood Fair 2021

21st August - 22nd August

Belmont House Wood Fair (SSCG)

11th September - 12th September

Bentley Woodfair 25th Anniversary 2021 (SSCG)

17th September - 19th September

National Tree Week

27th November - 5th December

Tree Charter Day

27th November