Our group history: The Sussex & Surrey Coppice group was formed out of the Wessex Coppice Group. In May 1997 a number of coppice workers in south-east England decided that a local group was needed to promote the industry and its products.

Coppice workers tend to lead quite isolated lives often tucked away deep in the woods with few people knowing of their existence, some travel daily to the same woodland that they have worked all their lives while others work a different wood each season.

But whatever their lifestyle they are all committed to promoting the coppice industry and to informing landowners and the public of the importance of having traditional coppice woodlands brought back in to production.

Aims include-

  • To promote the practice and products of coppicing.
  • To inform landowners and coppice workers about grants for the regeneration of coppice woodlands, and other relevant grants.
  • To encourage the exchange of information.
  • To encourage and promote the highest standards within the group.
  • To seek opportunities for education and training.
  • To promote the groups activities and the products of its members.
  • To observe high environmental standards at all times.
  • To source woodlands for members to work in.

If you don’t know what Coppicing is and good place to look is at our What is Coppicing page where you can read a brief article.