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Message/News from your Chairman

Thank you to all those who elected me to the role of Chairperson again. I will do my best to serve you all and the group during these challenging times. This page is one we should all use regularly as it will act as message board for the latest information and communication about the group and how we are trying to move forward.

Shadow Woods presents us with a fantastic opportunity to bring working parties together to help carry out the woodland management plan that is currently awaiting formal approval. It also provides us with an opportunity to carry out coppicing of both Hazel and Hornbeam and establish industry best practice as a show site to others. As members we all have a responsibility to the group to help it act as the local point for coppicing and coppice product expertise whether that is in the coppicing activity itself or the manufacture of products from coppice produce. We also have a responsibility to help spread the word and educate others, especially younger generations about our activities to ensure our skills and experience are passed on.

Please remember that, as a group, we have an incredibly broad knowledge base and if you as an individual have not encountered something or want to broaden your understanding of a particular topic then the likelihood is someone in the group will be able to guide you. By making full use of our email system and this page your can increase your knowledge and understanding and help educate others in the process too.

Very best wishes to you all and happy coppicing!

Chris Letchford

Message/News from the Shows organisers

Coming soon

Message/News from the meeting coordinator

As you will already know we are doing what we can to stay safe, this means that the regular talks and meetings are either not happening at the moment or look very different. We know as a group how important it is to see and meet each other, to share information and to learn new things, so we will keep things going as best as we can but will always be following the latest guidelines. 

If you are vulnerable or in any doubt about attending any events at the moment we would advise that you don’t, we understand. 

To find out about what meetings are planned, please go to the events calendar and click on the event to get more details.

Message/News from the Website person

Hopefully you have noticed the changes over the last year on this website, thanks to Beth Shepard, Wayne Jones and a non member Matt along with myself, we have been working hard to have an online presence within the Coppicing community. The aim, as always, is to help like minded people and promote the benefits of Coppicing in all its glory.

But to help achieve this aim we need your help! We would really like this site to develop into a resource for others and would love information and articles on anything to do with woodlands, Coppicing and coppice products. They need not be long or well written, and can be fun collaborative or educational, there are no rules. I would particularly love to see articles on making things like hurdles or bat boxes as well as short videos. I can help with video making so don’t hold back, just let me know.

Also, if there is anything you would like to see on our site, let me know.

Stay safe.

Bob Iles

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