What a wonderful day. We all met up as the day progressed in Shadow Woods and huddled around a fire that never stopped producing amazing food, overseen by Beth and Wayne. It was great to see so many people there including some brand new members who came along for the first time. I don’t think we ever stopped talking and sharing stories and ideas with one another, the atmosphere was just perfect.

The Highlight for me was Clive’s walk and talk around the woods. He shared so much information about what we were seeing, historical features, historical sites and the wonder of the trees in the area, with such enthusiasm and fun that you couldn’t help be be swept along in his passion for it all, I would have paid good money for such a tour, but don’t tell Clive that. 

As the day progressed and darkness fell the Christmas dinner came from the fire and we all tucked in, despite the rain the place felt warm and welcoming. As I drove away at the end of the evening  with the sing-song tunes in my head, I felt proud to be part of this wonderful group.

The pictures tell the story of the day better than I can.