Written by: Ashley Martin

Were you not there? Shame on you! On the other hand – you missed out! Serves you right! ���� Oh
alright, we missed you a bit!
Not much! But a bit! ��
Ok, Ok, the story – so who was there – Clive, N, Chris, Bob, Graham, Tina, Roger, Katie, ?, Chloe,
Steve, ?, Bob, Phillip plus this muppet writing the report – best to remain Anonymous!
Never quite sure what I’ll write – usually upset somebody!
Graham, Clive and Bob had done some serious preparation work which allowed for great progress
on the day. Thanks chaps!
We cracked on! Great Industry – the task/s to create a Group Work Area for the future.

a) Assemble Metal Container – BIG TICK!
b) Move scaffolding aside – tick!
c) Graham to do a random tour of coppice site for Katie and Chloe – much learned!! – tick! The
naked man was a bit of a surprise though! (I’m saying nothing Graham!)
d) Move paving slabs – tick!
e) Hard core and pallets in front of container for access – tick!
f) Move Kitchen box? Room? To correct site – tick!
g) Move toilets x2 to ‘Restroom Area’ – tick!
h) Sand foundation to Kitchen Area – tick!
i) Paving Slabs onto Kitchen Floor – tick!
j) General tidy up of Groundwork – tick!
l) Did I mention – banter! – tick!

Beautifully cooked baked potatoes, tasty sausages, all the trimmings and lots of tea and coffee.
No doubt the amount of quality work achieved was a major positive but I’m going to be a bit ‘soft’
and say that it was just the pleasure of meeting up with everybody that was my pleasure. Weather
was more than kind – never a bad thing but is was simply gorgeous being out in the woods, being
industrious. Absolutely loved it!!!

Also thanks to Phil and Ashley who brought some of their tasty homegrown produce to share with everybody.