Below you will find useful links to websites, articles, videos and other media that are of interest to our members and friends, if you have any suggestions for useful links to add to this list please contact the Website team HERE


Web Address Information Type A wonderful website from the Kent Cobnuts Association with lots of good information about production, propagation and harvesting of Cobnuts and much much more. Cobnuts Gillian grows cobnuts on a restored plat in the Kentish countryside. Her Cobnut and Bramley Apple Muesli has been a hit locally! Gillian gave a talk to the SSCG members in November 2019. Cobnut products Ightham Mote Cobnuts Project is restoring a lost ‘Plat’ and turning it into a productive Cobnut enterprise.

Cobnut blog The National Coppice Federation of which this group is affiliated Coppicing The Forestry Commissions main website with tons of information including the latest on pests and diseases Forestry A great website to find or list yourself on for Coppice products Coppice products The Grown in Britain charcoal page, get yourself on the list. Charcoal The Heritage Craft Association that lists many coppice related crafts, use the search on the site for coppice related articles. Coppicing and products The woodland trust main website with a lot of helpful information on woodland related issues Woodlands Conservation Evidence is a free, authoritative information resource designed to support decisions about how to maintain and restore global biodiversity. Conservation Forestry commision report on Ash Dieback, updated April 2019 Tree health A wonderful service to sharpen and buy old tools from a member of the group Tools

Off Grid Winch: Making a Flip Flop Winch

A handy tool trick video that may get you out of trouble Tools Using citizen science we aim to help spot new pest and disease threats to UK trees. Tree health Wild Food UK is a wonderful site for identifying mushrooms, there is also a fantastic hedgerow guide with videos and lots of pictures to help with identification. Wild Food The Arboriculture Association has a lot of tree related articles and advice Trees The Hampshire Coppice Group Coppice Group The Dorset Coppice Group Coppice Group The Association of Pole lathe turners and greenwood workers Greenwood working set up to gather information about the health of the nation’s trees, woodlands and forests. This information will support important tree health monitoring and surveillance work, contribute to ongoing scientific research in this field and, ultimately, support efforts to protect the nation’s trees. Tree Health The Tree Council is one of the UK’s leading charities for trees, promoting their importance in a changing environment. Tree Health Identify, report, prevent and minimise the introduction, spread and impacts of tree pests and diseases in the UK. Tree Health Free elearning courses that will be of help to all members Courses Video on Hedge laying South of England Style Hedge laying


Web Address                                                     Information Type I-Spot-Nature is a friendly and free community helping to identify wildlife and share nature. You can share a picture of anything such as an insect or fungus and the community will identify it. It also helps with conservation and observation of rare or endangered wildlife/nature. Worth a look as you may need it at some point when in the woods. Wildlife A youTube video on how to identify Oak Processionary Moth in woodlands, parks and garden Tree health Well over half the UK’s small woodlands are neglected, overlooked and undervalued. The Small Woodlands Organisation’s vision is to see small woodlands valued for the many benefits they bring to a sustainable society and to help achieve their better management to make the most of those benefits. Woodland management Future Flora is a project to provide a biosecure way to grow, procure and specify plants that can be used by everyone in the horticulture and landscape sectors, from nurseries through to landscape contractors, designers and managers. Plants