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The Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group is a members led networking organisation covering everything from planting and managing woodland, to the production and installation of end products. We operate in conjunction with the National Federation of Coppice Workers and have been a recognised professional industry body since 1997.

The Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group welcome new members from many disciplines such as Coppice workers, Woodland owners/workers, traditional craft makers, Greenwood workers, blacksmiths who feel they fit and many more, it is always worth getting in contact and finding out, even if you are just interested in what we do or would like to spend some time working alongside our members. Use the CONTACT page if you are interested.

Recent News

News: NCFed National Coppice Week and the Cleft Stick

We received information from the NCFed to pass on to all our members, if you have any feedback please contact Bob Hewitt our NCFed rep who will coordinate any responses.

1. There will be a National Coppice Week 2020. Thanks to everyone who
got involved last year. Dates will be 17-25th October, launched at the
Gathering and AGM. NCW was successful enough in […]

Green thumbs up for School theater coppice project

Last Thursdays group meeting held at Warnham Nature reserve was presented By Clive Cobie, fellow woodsman, environmentalist story teller and all round good egg, Although technical issues presented a problem with the projector, Clive’s presentation was based on his recent schools woodland theatre project at a Primary school in Pulbrough, Backed up with a timelapse video of site  preparation and […]

News: The Environment Bill

This news item is from the Pro-Landscaper magazine

The Environment Bill will be introduced today (30/01/20) following its return to Parliament after the General Election.

The Environment Bill is said to help ensure that we maintain and improve our environmental protections as we leave the EU

News: Palmstead plant day

Palmstead plant day by Bob Hewitt

The Palmstead plant day is an annual event organised by Palmstead nursery Ashford Kent,
now in its 11 year, attracting keynote speakers from the wider horticultural industry,
This year Keynote speakers were Tony Kirkham obe, Dr Debbie Bartlett (SSCG)
and John wire Forestry Commission, plus other respected Horticultural practitioners,
The event was held at the Ashford international Hotel and […]

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Products & Services

To find out more about the products & services our members can offer:

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Events Calendar

Committee Meeting (MO)

2nd April @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

National Beanpole Week

11th April - 19th April

Members meeting (MO) (P)

16th April @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Bodgers Ball 2020

8th May - 10th May

Surrey County Show (SSCG)

25th May @ 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

West’s Wood Fair

13th June - 14th June

Committee meeting (MO)

2nd July @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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