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The Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group is a members led networking organisation covering everything from planting and managing woodland, to the production and installation of end products. We operate in conjunction with the National Federation of Coppice Workers and have been a recognised professional industry body since 1997.

The Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group welcome new members from many disciplines such as Coppice workers, Woodland owners/workers, traditional craft makers, Greenwood workers, blacksmiths who feel they fit and many more, it is always worth getting in contact and finding out, even if you are just interested in what we do or would like to spend some time working alongside our members. Use the CONTACT page if you are interested.

Recent News

Green Wood Workshop Courses 2021

Here is a list of courses being run by JOHN WALLER at the GREEN WOOD WORKSHOP, Bore Place, Kent.

(I’ve only listed those that still have availability).

Further details about the courses (what to bring/timings etc) are all available from my website: www.underwoodsman.co.uk


Apple Pruning 22 Jan 2022 – £75pp
Learn how to restore and maintain trees, both apples and pears, […]

Belmont wood fair 2021

Graham and a few members attended the Belmont wood fair this year, he sent this report:

It was a nice weekend , a good location in the woods, not a lot of foot fall, Bob H did his death defying trick of sleeping in a hammock, finding himself upside down in the middle of the night, as it is their neck […]

Edenbridge and Oxted show report

Edenbridge and Oxted show report by Graham Bowbrick SSCG member
August bank holiday weekend saw the return of the E and O , we were about ten strong with brooms, a charcoal making display, pyrography, pimp making, hand made pottery, our new member educating us about the hundred years war, and our environmental bus, advocating all things environmental […]

Reindeer help Transplant Hospital

Andrew Mackenzie, an SSCG member let us know that he has been raising money for the HAREFIELD TRANSPLANT HOSPITAL  I asked him ‘Why’ and he came back with the most moving response:

So, why do we make the reindeer and snowmen?
The journey started when I was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease – cause unknown but men over […]
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Products & Services

Do you need some Hazel sticks or help with some hedge laying? To find out more about the products & services our members can offer:

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Events Calendar

National Tree Week

27th November - 5th December

Tree Charter Day

27th November

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