A new Whatsapp initiative for coppice workers 

How many times have you had an enquiry far too big for you to handle, or simply too busy to fulfill?Or needed coppice materials yourself to complete a job?

We’ve wondered how NCFed could help in managing such orders for a while. So we are launching a new pilot scheme which we hope will do just that.

We have created a WhatsApp Group called ‘NCFed Coppice Merchant’ where all members can share details of orders they can’t fulfill on their own, or where you can send requests for materials you may need. But it will only work if we get lots of coppice workers to join!

If you’ve never used WhatsApp before, then all you need is a mobile number and a smart phone. Download the WhatsApp app then text Dave Jackson on 07814 487578 to be added. It’s totally free and low maintenance.

Calling all group reps
This initiative will only get off the ground if you can encourage your members to join the Whatsapp NCFed Coppice Merchant Group. So please publicise it in your emails and newsletters, group facebook pages and website.

This is just a trial at this stage. If the system works and there is a demand, we may look at a more sophisticated approach in the future.

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