A big warm welcome to all our new members this year

In these strange and troubling time we would like to stretch out the hand of friendship and welcome to all of our members and especially our new members this year. A strange and unsettling time when we should all be having fun at shows, meetings and around the campfire. Normally we would be very busy preparing for shows and attending various meetings, promoting the benefits of Coppiced woodland and woodland products but we have missed out so far this year. Hopefully when this is all over we can have a few get togethers.

By now most of you will have received your wooden membership cards with the sticker on the back, if not, please do get in contact as I know we are missing a few addresses and have had a tidy up of our membership lists. You can use your new card to receive some discounts so please do use them, (You can see the benefits listed on the members page HERE) and make the most of your membership.

If any of our members are struggling in any way, please get in contact if you think other members can help, thats what its all about.

News about woodlands is a little low in the priorities of everyone at the moment, but we know this is a busy time for our members, so do get in contact if you need advice, support or just to bend someone’s ear for a bit as it can get a little lonely during ‘Lockdown’. Last of all a special welcome mention to our newest members:

Craig D.

Robert J.

Allan J.

Lisa S.