Meeting report by Bob Hewitt
This evenings regional meeting (30th November 2021) was delivered by Daisy the Master bee keeper, at the Parish hall, Warnham Parish Church,  Due to covid restrictions the mill pond venue was not available, We were lucky to get availability on short notice booking this side of Christmas.
 The meeting was attended by a dozen or so members,  Our chairman Chris  welcomed us in and went through the usual admin, Daisy delivered an informative talk on the lifecycle of bees, how they use lay lines and navigate and the same places to congregate year on year even different colony’s, the bees all ways know the best spots. More importantly Daisy explained how we as Coppice managers can ensure we do our bit to provide the bees with habitat and the best trees for them for season round pollen, My thanks go to Daisy for an informative talk and Martin her partner for his support and for being able to fit us in round her busy schedule.
 The next Meeting will be at shadow woods in a couple of weeks time at the Weekend for coppicing days. Following that the first meeting in the new year will be late February /March.