Bob Hewitt is involved in helping make a new Sculpture at Warnham Nature reserve, Bob says:

The sculpture is built at Warnham nature reserve as part of their information trail where we the group have our meetings, I was employed to erect the trail signs 11 in all, the sculpture was professionally designed and then built by the reserve volunteers under the supervision of the architect, it is made from cleft chestnut rails and bolted together The Tri Helix is to represent the cell structure of plants.

Warnham Local Nature Reserve is a haven for wildlife just a 30-minute walk from Horsham town centre. The Reserve has bird hides overlooking a 17-acre millpond, walking trails through meadows and woodland, boardwalks over the marshy grassland and a woodpecker hide.

Perfect for families and offering level paths with good disabled access, the Reserve is a great spot to learn about wildlife and habitats. The bird hides are especially popular with local photographers.

On the Reserve you will find the following:

  • The “Tern”, “Heron” and “Aston Trelford” hides which all overlook the Millpond.
  • The Woodpecker hide focusing on the birdfeeders and woodland wildlife
  • The Sandpiper Hide overlooking a scrape and focusing on wading birds
  • The Millpond Nature Trail – made up of easy access footpaths, bridges, extensive boardwalks pointing out areas of interest, history, habitat, site management and wildlife
  • Walnut Tree Plantation
  • Butterfly Ride
  • Wildflower meadow (seasonal access)
  • Several ponds
  • Boldings Brook with adjacent boardwalk
  • Stag Beetle Loggery

You can find out more about this wonderful Nature reserve HERE