The Woodland trust is asking for everyone’s help to plant trees. The following is from their website:

The Woodland Trust is calling on one million people to pledge to plant a tree to help us fight the climate emergency. We need to act now!

This year, on 30 November the Woodland trust will hold a mass participation tree planting day with events across the country. Join us in The Big Climate Fightback.

If you are unable to plant a tree as part of The Big Climate Fightback, you can still play your part. Simply pledge and make a donation to the Woodland Trust so we can carry on with our work protecting woods and wildlife.

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What is The Big Climate Fightback?

The Big Climate Fightback is a campaign to get one million people to join the fight against climate change by pledging to plant a tree by Saturday 30 November 2019.

Why 30 November?

November represents the start of the traditional tree planting season. The day falls in National Tree Week, a week of tree planting organised by the Tree Council and is also Tree Charter Day – a national day of celebration of trees and woods.

What will be happening?

The Woodland Trust will be hosting public tree planting days across the UK on 30 November. There will be at least one event in each of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and at least five events across England. The flagship event will be held in Derbyshire at our new Young People’s Forest at Mead, near Heanor. We will also be sending out over 700,000 free trees to schools and communities for planting in late November.

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How can I get involved in the Big Climate Fightback?

There are lots of different ways:

  • Attend a tree planting event (booking essential)
  • Plant a tree in your garden
  • Host your own tree planting event with neighbours or colleagues
  • Become a member of the Woodland Trust
  • Make a donation to the Woodland Trust so we can carry on with our work protecting woods and wildlife
  • Speak to your local council about tree planting opportunities in your area, or ask them to host an event
  • Share #EveryTreeCounts on social media and encourage your followers to get involved.

What are you asking me to do?

We want at least a million people to join with us in The Big Climate Fightback by making a pledge. We also want people to share their pledge on social media using the hashtag #EveryTreeCounts.

One of our members, Clive Cobie, emailed a wonderful comment in:

Why knot branch out take a leaf from the colourful native Jay a bird which gathers and plants acorns throughout the season, each jay will plant thousands of seeds, the reason being that they feed on the cotyledons ( the first leaves ) also feeding them to their young in June , most of the time the young oak would have connected to the ground well by the time the jay returns . Many oaks we see in close proximity were planted by the noisy Jay ,there are not so many around now, so why not become a budding tree planter , don’t waste time barking up the wrong tree go and plant some, become a jay walker collecting tree seeds , out walking the dog a handful of acorns strategically planted, not only giving immense satisfaction by planting but every time you pass you see it growing, a gift for the future doesn’t cost anything

Comment below what you will be doing!