Pests: What are we looking out for?

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Pests: What are we looking out for? The following is from the Observatree website as there have been more calls recently to look out for, and report trees in trouble, particularly with the growing push to plant more trees, as planting near infected areas may be a pointless exercise. For more information and details on each of the pests below, please visit their website HERE There are hundreds of pests and diseases that are currently a potential threat to UK trees. The Government has created the UK Plant Health Risk Register which records and rates risks to UK trees (and [...]

Article: School Theater Project

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By Clive Cobie 8th November 2019 I have recently started a project that I would like to share with you. The school woodland theatre project. The idea came in a breeze of inspiration as do so many. I was pondering how to connect people with nature to help communities grow and work together. The school woodland theatre project, is going to be a means of achieving this. The nucleus is the desire to learn matched by the desire to teach. Every school has forest school teachers and students, the theatre is a place that is created to encourage the learning [...]


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HEDGELAYING AND COPPICING By Frank Wright There are about 35 different hedgelaying styles across the country, nearly all of which use stakes and many use binders. The two that I know of that don’t use either are two West Country styles, Dorset, and Devon and Cornwall. Both these styles are laid very low and are atop a steep, small bank and are the final bit of the barrier to prevent stock from escaping. Dorset style uses long whips from within the hedge to wrap around the laid stems and keep them in a sausage shape; Devon and Cornwall style uses [...]

Article: Steve’s Seat

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Steve's Seat By John Waller   I was asked to make a seat to go around a tree at the Kent Showground in Detling.  The tree itself was planted in remembrance of Steve Wright, in a lovely spot in Murrain Wood - the hub of the forest section at the Kent Show.  Steve, amongst many other things, was on the Forestry Committee at the Showground.   I got to know Steve after he came on a few of my courses some years ago, and subsequently through the Coppice Group and his work - especially at Ranscombe.  I think he'd approve [...]